Experts at realizing capital projects

We focus on finding the right path for capital deployment. We identify the success factors necessary for efficient execution. We orchestrate the means to make the asset a reality. We get the asset built.


The KPO Group LLC lends its know-how to international clients seeking greater certainty in the financing, execution, and returns on investment from their capital projects. The KPO Group is a global capital project consultancy.  Headquartered...
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The KPO Group The KPO Group curates under one roof the expert knowledge necessary to turn a proposed investment into a profit-making reality.  The Group sits at the nexus between idea and realization.  It bridges...
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30 August 2021 – Research into functional sentience The Haier Research Group (http://www.haierresearch.com) invites NAIAD’s CEO, Mr. Steven Keays, to collaborate with its Haier Model Research Institute to explore the application of the functional sentience...
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Latest News and Publications

Of Projects and Men

From the monde to the mundaneWealth, in the broadest sense, is in large part generated by the successful operation of profitable assets.  Assets are so...
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Professional Development

With more than 20 years of experience helping clients develop their oil & gas asset teams' skills, IAM understands the unique challenge in aligning an asset team's abilities with strategic objectives.
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The Symbiocen Age (Part 2)

This is the second part of a three-part series on the new Symbiocene age. Digital Pangaea.  The previous article concluded with the notion of a...
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The Symbiocen Age (Part 1)

Through the combination of expert-led courses for your asset challenges that provide hands-on learning experiences
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First, net zero poverty; then, and only then, net zero carbon.