Le Groupe KPO LLC


The mission-critical capital needs of a project

KPOs solves three challenges faced by project owners in search of financing:

1) How to find serious investors willing to provide debt and/or equity financing

2) How to gain their interest in financing the project

3) How to succeed in building the project into a long-term ROI machine

All is financing

All projects begin and end with financing.  Visions, missions, connections, or talent are futile without it.  In a world awash with private capital, access to money is not the challenge.  The challenge is access to bankable projects. Getting funded is a four-stage process through which KPO accompanies the project owner.

Investment priorities

Projects are assessed in terms their proximity to revenue generation:

Class A (Highest Priority):  Shovel-ready

Class B: Procurement-ready (design & permitting completed)

Class C: Design-ready (concept & environmental completed)

Class D: Concept-ready (feasibility study completed)

Class E:  Feasibility-ready (idea posited as starting point)

Consulting services

Clients engage KPO for project consulting, auditing, advisory, mentoring, and training. Consulting is further divided between:

DeveloperPlan, orchestrate, and execute the works of Stages 1 and 2

PMCProject Management Consultant manages the overall project delivery

PMOProject Management Office executes the project through Stages 3 and 4