Le Groupe KPO LLC

Project owners

The mission-critical capital needs of a project

KPOs solves three challenges faced by project owners in search of financing:

1) How to find serious investors willing to provide debt and/or equity financing

2) How to gain their interest in financing the project

3) How to succeed in building the project into a long-term ROI machine

KPO maintains a global network of investor groups able to provide debt and/or equity financing solutions that preserve the project owner’s equity stake and control.  Funding sources come from international private capital competing aggressively with traditional lenders, while preserving the project owner’s stake and control.

All is financing

All projects begin and end with financing.  Visions, missions, connections, or talent are futile without it.  In a world awash with private capital, access to money is not the challenge.  The challenge is access to bankable projects. KPO develops a project’s bankability according to a four-stage process of a project’s lifecycle.

Investment priorities

Projects are assessed in terms their proximity to revenue generation:

Class A (Highest Priority):  Shovel-ready

Class B: Procurement-ready (design & permitting completed)

Class C: Design-ready (concept & environmental completed)

Class D: Concept-ready (feasibility study completed)

Class E:  Feasibility-ready (idea posited as starting point)


Le Groupe KPO LLC works with clients across the four stages of a project, and at the business management level to maximize their financial performance, execution strategy, and responses to changes and challenges of their markets.

ODC: Opportunity Definition Consulting (ODC) plans, orchestrates, and executes Stages 1 (Bankability) and 2 (Capitalization).

PMC:  Project Management Consulting (PMC) manages the overall delivery of an asset on behalf of a client across Stages 3 (Delivery) and 4 (Operations).

ACS: Advisory Consulting Services (ACS) provide clients with strategic insights, guidance, and advisory analysis of a business’s growth, change, and organization.

CDC:  Construction Design Consulting (CDC) brings leading edge design and construction expertise from around the globe to build faster and operate assets autonomously.