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Advanced Strategies for Developing and Executing Successful Capital Projects

The persistent failure rates of complex industrial and large capital investment projects are a clear indication that traditional project management is not sufficient to deliver these types of project consistently and successfully.

  • Provides a new thought process behind the successful execution of capital projects.
  • Describes a comprehensive methodology and management system for the controlled execution of complex industrial and capital projects.
  • This one-of-a-kind guide shows how to develop projects into profitably performing assets that yield valuable sustained ROI to its shareholders over its economic life.
  • Offers project owners and developers alike a road map to predictable and repeatable project success, and a guarantee of future investment returns from their assets.


Written by a leading expert in the aerospace, cleantech, defense, energy and manufacturing sectors, this seminal reference empowers companies big and small to carry out their innovation programs with the smallest investment risks and highest probability of successful commercialization:

  • Provides a complete road map for the evolution of the original idea.
  • Presents key success factors, priorities and work sequence throughout the development journey.
  • Identifies the possible pitfalls of the design process, the pursuit of intellectual property, and the securing of funds. Points out the sources and nature of risks.
  • Leads the reader, step-by-step, through the process of securing the first client, the second client, and the ultimate commercial roll-out.


Digital Management Transformation for the Non-Digital Organization

The world beyond 2020 will be profoundly different from today. Radical transformative technologies are changing the relationship between mankind and machines in a way that even Wells, Orwell, or Jobs could not fathom. Nobody can tell for certain what will emerge from these tectonic shifts, save for the fact that the status quo is already obsolete. In effect, humanity has entered a new age in its evolution: the Symbiocene era. Societal issues notwithstanding, the existential concern for businesses and organizations everywhere is pressing: how to survive, or better yet, thrive in this brave new scary world?

The Binary Firm explores the orchestrating strategies to get in front of the technological tsunami that is sweeping the globe. Tsunami is not too strong a word: witness the threat posed by artificial intelligence to the very nature of work. This book constructs a conceptual management framework engineered to anticipate changes and empower the organization to exploit them to its immediate advantage. The exposition goes beyond worn-out buzzwords like innovation, disruption, and collaboration. It dives into the underlying foundation of an organization impacting its financial destiny.

This book will resonate with managers and entrepreneurs who may struggle to master the often-mystifying rigors of digital forces. As goes the new adage, every business is a software company. But how to tame this feral beast? Readers will find pragmatic answers herein. No organization can afford the status quo in this era of pervasive interconnections. This is the playbook to change your game and succeed at digitally transforming your organization without breaking the bank.