Le Groupe KPO LLC


The two sides of project opportunity

KPO works with project owners anxious to secure trustworthy financing and make their projects a reality. KPO also teams up with private investors keen to tap into the predictable, lucrative world of investment-grade project financing. 

KPO’s objective is straightforward: to bring capital projects to reality, by:

1) Formulating them

2) Financing them

3) Executing them

4) Optimizing their local impact

Project classes

KPO will consider three classes of projects: Major, Minor, and Impact:

The Major Class includes capex projects seeking a minimum of $50M from the resources, energy, infrastructure, and real estate sectors.

The Minor Class includes Capex projects in the $5M to $50M range from the same four sectors, as well as Opex projects from the enterprise sector.

The Impact Class includes social impact initiatives up to $1M and designed to make improve the lives of disadvantaged people (managed under the stable-knowledge model.

“The Stable-Knowledge (SK) Model rests on the axiom that the highest probability of success comes from private sector expertise. The typical project is planned, orchestrated and managed by business professionals with proven track records. They provide provide subject matter expertise remotely and daily to the local workers hired to work and learn the ropes of the business in situ, without any attempt to change the culture. Ownership of the business remains solely with the project investors. Both ownership and management authority are transferred over time to the local workers who have proven themselves competent to do so.”