Opportunity Brief D – 16 June

Opportunity Brief D – 16 June


Revenue-ready:                  The asset or business is in operations and generating revenues

Shovel- ready:                     All procurement, permits and license are completed and in-hand, construction started

Procurement-ready:          All design and permit/license applications are completed

Design-ready:                     Concept design, environmental studies, stakeholder engagement are completed

Concept-ready:                  Feasibility and marketing studies are completed

New development:            Preliminary economic assessment (PEA) and pre-feasibility study are completed

Section 1 Mining

2344 Mexico – Gold mine development

$70M debt financing – up to 25% equity in two tranches:  $10M (Phase 1 development and mining), $60M (Phase 2 development and mining)


Project anchored to Oposura (Zn, Pb, Ag, Cu) and Alacran (Au, Ag, Cu), both of which are on private land in Sonora, Mexico, and have recently issued NI43-101 technical reports. The Oposura project, near Moctezuma in Sonora is fully permitted for production from the East deposit. Alacran is being actively drilled to expand the low-strip-ratio, heap leachable, oxidized gold and silver mineral resource to upwards of 1 million AuEq ounces. The Copper porphyry targets are the medium-to-long-term growth opportunity on the Alacran property.

2342 Mexico – Silver mine development

$15M equity financing


Since April 2021, the company has purchased 4 mines and 3 production facilities.  In all cases (except Topia) these mines, and plants had been closed and on care and maintenance for anywhere from 12 to 24 months.  Additional capital is needed to modernise and expand these producing assets.  Company anticipates a 30% rise in silver and gold production with these capital expenditures.  The project will modernize and expand the plant at Topia; build a dry stack tailings facility at El Cubo to increase tailings life by 16-20 years; and carry out development work at San Ignacio.

2327 DR Congo – Asphalt production from local oilsands

$45M Debt financing – up to 30% equity


Development of a bitumen production plant in the Lukula region, initially sized for 60 000 tonnes per annum, scalable to 600 000 tonnes per annum.  Bitumen will be used as feedstock for asphalt road applications

2324 Ecuador – Gold mine exploration

$10M equity financing – immediate opportunity


Miner looking to develop the FDN field, which is an unexplored, contiguous 208,000 Ha area in the Tatasham region.

Section 2 Energy

2311 Nigeria – Bio-ethanol production plant

$158M debt financing – up to 25% equity

Design ready

Develop a cassava plant and construct an ethanol production plant in Kebbi province, able to produce annually 52 million tonnes of ethanol and starch (50%-50% from cassava feedstock).

2325 Canada – Green Hydrogen and oxygen production plant with net-zero water

$410M Debt financing – up to 25% equity, in three tranches:  $15M (FID work), $154M (Long lead procurement), and $241M (Execution)


Development of an 80 tonnes per day hydrogen production plant in southern Alberta, powered from combination solar & wind sources, and supplied with so-called produced water from nearby oil and gas well sites and diverted from costly traditional wastewater disposal tailing ponds.

2210 Uganda – 20MW geothermal plant

$105M debt financing – up to 25% equity, in two tranches:  $80M for first 10MW, including civil infrastructure, and $25M for second 10 MW expansion

Shovel ready

Large-scale electric power generation program to develop 150MW of capacity over 10 years, in the Panyimur region.  The project will start with 10MW, then add another 10MW once the first power module is operating.

Section 3 Infrastructure

2108 DR Congo – Railway connection between Matadi and Port of Banana

$1.1B debt financing – up to 35% equity, initial feasibility study $$5M

New development

Formulate, design, build, and operate approximately 200 km of railway between the port cities of Banana (on the Atlantic coast) and Matadi (200 km East along the Congo river.

Section 4 Water and wastewater

2206 Canada – Organic waste treatment using algae reactor

$8M Debt financing – up to 25% equity


Proponent proposes to build and contract operate a waste remediation installation, under contract from AB Mauri, a producer of organic yeast and related fermentation products.

Section 5 Real estate and construction

2342 Belize – Luxury resort development

$153M debt financing – up to 25% equity in three tranches:  $55M (Complete Phase 1 – condominium), $50M (Phase 2 Hotel), and $45M (Phase 3 Residential development and harbour)


Develop a comprehensive luxury resort on the peninsula coast across from the corral reef in the Hol Chan marine reserve near the most southern points in Ambergris Caye Island.  Construction of Phase 1 is already 40% completed and requires immediate financing.  Phases 2 and 3 will require financing within 16 months.

2310 United States – Steel Mills for rebar production

$235M debt financing – up to 25% equity

Shovel ready

Construct a steel mills factory in Plano, Texas.  The factory will be a clean-tech, modern EAF (electric arc furnace) based green-steel production, with maximum decarbonization possibilities.  Plant will consume annually 450,000 tonnes of scrap metal to produce 350,000 tonnes of rebar.

Section 6 Enterprize

2340 Europe – Oktium business expansion

$6M equity


Oktium currently operates in the Middle East and plans to aggressively expand its market presence in Europe, across four realms: 1) expansion of the Company’s market presence in the EU; 2) consolidation of its operational headquarters HQ in the EU; 3) further investment in product development; and 4) build up out sales teams in existing markets. The Company has secured a US $39M capital investment deal with a UAE-based private equity partner, which will be used to purchase stock in two exclusive distributorships encompassing the whole GCC economic region, and to develop sales and customer support teams in the four verticals the company currently has targeted in its sales strategy; Manufacturing, Automotive, Retail & Services.

2238 United States – BARU shared-economy manufacturing

$3 to $5M equity injection – immediate opportunity


Baru has developed an internet-based network of wood and robotic workshops whose idle periods can be monopolized on a just-in-time basis to locally manufacture furniture closest to the individual buyer, eliminating in the process 70% of the non-value-added global supply chain and transportation costs.

2319 United States – On-demand regional air mobility aircraft

$25M equity financing


Development program of a light, quiet, and extreme-efficiency commuter aircraft platform.  Financing sought to design and fabricate the 4th and 5th aircraft prototypes to initiate the FAA type certification process.