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30 August 2021 – Research into functional sentience

The Haier Research Group (http://www.haierresearch.com) invites NAIAD’s CEO, Mr. Steven Keays, to collaborate with its Haier Model Research Institute to explore the application of the functional sentience model developed by Mr. Keays in his latest book, The Binary Firm.  This model was originally developed within the context of machines and devices connected within an IoT framework.  Mr. Zhang Ruimin, founder of the Haier Group and father of the Rendanheyi business model, envisioned a human equivalence within the Rendanheyi business model, which spurred the initial exchanges between Mr. Keays and the Haier Model Research Institute.

12 August 2021 – Partnership with AlphaMark Capital

NAIAD enters a partnership with AlphaMark Capital to pursue investment and financing opportunities from companies and infrastructure project proponents seeking capital from non-traditional sources.  Opportunities will be explored across the globe in the resource extraction, energy, transportation, infrastructure, real estate, hospitality, tourism, agriculture, and technology sectors.   “The essence of the partnership”, declared Mr. Steven Keays, CEO of NAIAD, “is to bring to these opportunities a significantly greater certainty of success through our extensive knowhow of the management, and delivery of capital projects gained from nearly four decades of experience in the trenches of project realization”. 

21 March 2021 – 12th Prefabrication and modular construction Asia Summit, Singapore

Mr. Keays was once again invited to deliver to participate to the 12th Prefabrication and modular construction Asia Summit in Singapore, held online for the first time.  Mr. Keays conducted two workshops evaluating project delivery frameworks, and how to improve module design process and efficiency; delivered a session presentation on traditional vs modern installation techniques of fabrication; and moderated two panel discussions on achieving project outcomes post-COVID and key considerations in logistics planning.

21 May 2020 Official release of The Binary Firm

The third instalment of the Investment-centric management series, The Binary Firm, is published by Taylor & Francis. Authored by NAIAD’s CEO, Steven Keays, the book introduces the concept of digital transformations for non-digital organizations, whose purpose is something other than software or data.

18 Jan 2020 Conference Invitation

Steven Keays is invited to speak about digital oil at the Middle East Artificial Lift conference, held in Abu Dhabi, UE, on 20-21 April 2020

4 December 2019 Design & Engineering Forum

Steven Keays is invited to speak about digital oil at the Argentina well site facilities, design and engineering forum, held in Buenos Aires on 10-11 March 2020

2 Nov 2019 Annual Prefabrication Conference

Once again, NAIAD’s CEO is invited to chair and speak at the 11th annual prefabrication & modular construction Asia summit which will held in Singapore  on 26-27 November.

Nov 2018 Official release of Investment-Centric Innovation Project Management

The second instalment of the Investment-centric management series, The Binary Firm, is published by J. Ross Publishing. Authored by NAIAD’s CEO, Steven Keays, the book presents a comprehensive methodology to pursue innovation development and take these ideas successfully into the commercial realm.

22 Sept 2018 10th Annual Prefabrication Asia Summit

Mr Steven Keays chaired the conference, once again held in Singapore on18-21 September and conducted two pre-conference workshops on project planning and design selectio

9 Oct 2017:  Official release of Investment-Centric Project Management

NAIAD proudly announces the publication of Steven Keays’ seminal textbook on modern project management, by J Ross Publishing. ICPM recasts the art and science of project management beyond the traditional interpretation common in capital project circles, and presents processes, methodologies, and strategies to execute major projects in a way that avoids the typical outcomes of busted budgets, blown schedules, and sub-par asset performance.

March 2017 – 7th Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication Summit Canada

Once again, Calgary will host the conference on 27 and 28 March 2017. NAIAD will for the first time attend as a visitor.

March 2016 – 5th Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication Summit Canada

NAIAD’s President, Steven Keays, will address the conference, held in Calgary on 23 March 2016 on the concept of theproject ecosystem, which is summed up by the question “what could possibly go wrong?” The presentation will explore an overlooked aspect that is fundamental to the proper execution of projects. Managing issues such as the physical constraints of a project site, the regulatory environment, understanding corporate & local cultural differences, & supply chain management – are just a few of the critical points that must be addressed in any project ecoysystem strategy.

January 2016 – 7th Pre-fabrication and modularization Asia summit.

NAIAD’s President, Steven Keays, will chair the Summit that will be held in Singapore on 23-26 February 2016. Mr. Keays will also conduct a workshop on how to develop a valunomic modularization strategy for major projects on the first day, and address the conference on the matter of project schedules for globally sourced equipment.

December 2015 – 5th Annual Modular Construction & Prefabrication Summit

NAIAD’s President, Steven Keays, delivered two addresses to the Conference held on 8-9 December 2015 in Houston, Texas. The first address dealt with best practices to assemble a potent modularization workpackge. The second one focused on understanding the information that a Fabricator requires before work begins. Both presentation can be found in Publications.

September 2015 – Business Plan strategy facilitation

NAIAD facilitatd a strategy session in Houston, TX, in October 2015. The client, a North American pipeline operator, seeks to expand its reliability program and activities across the continent and hosted the session as part of its five-year business plan development.

August 2015 – Canadian patent award

NAIAD has been awarded a patent for its flexible piping connection system (codename flexflange). Work will now commence on the commercialization of the technology.