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Institute of Advanced Management

Human capital lies at the heart of the success of all projects

​Failure is too often the inevitable outcome of major projects.  Success, however, can be a certainty through proficient teams, potent execution strategies, and powerful management methodologies.

The Institute of Advanced Management (IAM for short) addresses the shortcoming of traditional management practices which are too often rooted in the past and unable or unwilling to adapt to the business realities of a globalized economy. IAM’s mission is simple: to forge the next generation of business, project, and institutional leaders wherever they may be. IAM enables people, businesses, and public institutions to achieve genuine sovereignty over their infrastructure potential.  This role extent to the build-up of a region’s aggregate capacities and capabilities, from regulatory frameworks and program management practices to skills acquisition and knowledge transfer, to world-class vendor qualifications and integration in to a project’s overall execution strategy.

The Knowledge Hub

The Institute operates as a hub for state-of-the-art knowledge in leadership, management &entrepreneurship, project management, and innovation & digitalization. This wealth of knowledge addresses the need for relevant, practical training; it is a need that is everywhere pressing, and more so in emerging markets wishing to tap the potential of capital projects as engines of socio-economic development.  IAM helps individuals, businesses, and institutions to overcome the gap between the needs of a capital investment and the resources required to see it to fruition. Access to this quintessential knowledge is available in three forms: training, development, and advisory.

Purpose: Forge the next generation of business, project, and institutional leaders. As the name indicates, training targets the transfer of knowledge from world-class experts, battle-hardened in the trenches of hands-on execution, to professionals, leaders and managers, businesses, and governmental institutions. The portfolio of training courses are divided into Leadership, Management & Entrepreneurship, Projects, and Innovation & Digitalization.

Purpose: Marshall the project ecosystem. The project ecosystem is the environment in which a project becomes an operating asset. It comprises the legal, regulatory, environmental, and social frameworks put in place by governments and institutions to govern how a project is executed. In the Development domain, IAM consults with the leadership of these legislated frameworks to formulate and implement the policies, procedures, processes, and systems that are essential to the efficient and corruption-free realization of a project that benefits the shareholders, stakeholders, citizens, and public actors. Oftentimes, this work goes hand in hand with state modernization initiatives pursued by small and emerging nations.

Purpose: Manage the project ecosystem. Advisory services complement the Development expertise provided by IAM, especially in small and emerging nations impaired by inadequate human and/or organizational resources. IAM effectively becomes an operational agent of a public institution tasked with managing a specific legislated framework. In such instances, IAM manages the implementation and enforcement of the framework, on behalf of the institution, and provides the experts, the expertise, the mechanics and mechanisms, and the in-situ mentoring of the institution’s domestic workforce – pursuant to the SK Model explained in SERVICES.