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Inject certainty into capital projects

NAIAD is a capital projects consultancy dedicated to bringing a mastery of project and organizational management to client projects. This mastery stems from decades of battle-tested leadership in the trenches of complex capital project execution.  NAIAD’s expertise combines a global network of seasoned project professionals; a digital delivery infrastructure free of physical, geographical, availability and costly overhead limits; and an Investment-Centric Project Management methodology.

The result?  A project delivery ecosystem that is global in reach, insulated from ambivalent decision-making and subpar performance from any party involved in the project.  Projects are compelled to face reality head on, to emphasize performance, and to reject excuses or justifications for failed outcomes. NAIAD is able to mobilize resources in real-time, on demand, from anywhere on the planet, without compromises to expertise, productivity, or execution effectiveness.  Precise, accelerated execution reaches maximum efficiency through experts who get to the right answers in the shortest time, at the least Total Costs of Ownership (TCO) costs to the Client. 

Expert Services

Aim: Make the project viable. At the front end of a project idea, NAIAD focuses on finding the right path for capital deployment; on identifying the success factors necessary for efficient execution; and on orchestrating the means to make the asset a reality. This work yields the foundation of the project, upon which the economic, operational, and societal viability of a project is quantified and corralled in terms of risks. The outcome: a doable, bankable, and investible project able to attract international investors, engineered for realistic development and future sustained profitability. And the target? A profitably performing asset (PPA).

Aim: Get the organizational pieces in place. The successful transition from a project concept to its physical realization requires, first and foremost, a stalwart organization called the Delivery Framework. The Framework is a management structure designed to govern and control the execution of the work (by the Project Management Team). In Delivery, NAIAD creates and implements the project delivery framework & portfolio management; the corresponding organization; the various execution strategies; the supply chain strategies; the JV and partnerships; and the project ecosystem management. NAIAD can also take on the mandate of Framework Manager on behalf of the Client, and perform independent audits of projects managed by others.

Aim: Get the project done. NAIAD can work with project owner in the capacity of project advisor to the Client or take on the execution mandate on behalf of the Client in the Project Manager role. Scoping and estimating, execution strategies, contractor selection, project ecosystem management, work planning, resource allocation, fabrication and construction, global supply chains, quality and safety controls, financial management, and management of domestic sovereignty commitments are typical functions involved. Special emphasis is placed on design for TCO, modularization of fabrication & construction, and digital/ digitalization strategies from the outset. Finally, NAIAD is available to carry out recovery and salvage operations on projects gone badly off the rails by others.

Aim: Build better faster. Modular construction brings the efficiencies and economies of scale of mass production to the field. Supported by Design For Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) and completed by modular fabrication, modular construction delivers three overwhelming benefits: 30 to 50% reductions in completion times, 50 to 60% reductions in emissions, and 10 to 20% increase in long-term ROI. NAIAD enables clients to implement modular construction into their capital projects and to adapt their supply chains away from wasteful and highly inefficient field work to shop-controlled processes. NAIAD accompanies the Client throughout the lifecycle of the project, from concept development and design to procurement, logistics, and construction planning and execution.